Network Solution

As information and communication is important to business, it is critical in the securing of life and property. Our solutions provide our customers with fast, reliable and, efficient means to multitasking.

We have solutions that meet our client requirement in Domestic building, Airports, Seaport, Hotels, Parks, Prisons and Rehabilitation facilities, Malls, Health care centers, Roads, Warehouse, Vehicle and Education institutions.

Our IP based solutions enhance productivity, efficiency and the ability to interface with security (intelligent video analytics, facial recognition, POS, road traffic monitoring), Fire alarm, Access control, cable structuring and building management systems.

We deploy IP based security and safety equipment that can be monitor remotely using LAN, WLAN, WAN, RF to ease and reduce numbers of control/viewing rooms and therefore saving the cost of running multiple site monitoring rooms.

We also, offers service such as installation and commissioning of Intercoms, Cable Network, Computer Networking, wireless access point to our client.